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Characters She Might Make:

Retired Characters:

Unused Characters:


  1. Cera was originally made by RiverConnerYes RoelNo. She was also the first character to get a grounded series by RiverConnerYes RoelNo as well.
  2. Lizable has the appearance of a Blue Jacket Girl.
  3. Diva and Deirdre were both made by STOisnumber1 but Deirdre was unused and Diva appeared in her videos rarely.
  4. Isabella has the appearance of a Pretty Girl. She is also the first unused character to be revived and used again.
  5. Bella is, so far, the only Kate colored character to have only a mom.
  6. Roberta has the appearance of a Blue Jacket Girl.
  7. Roberta was also originally made by IHateMiraEsperanza EDCP.
  8. Kelly ( Lucy Tyler ) is the only character who left after Fearnet defunct.

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