Chiro Takashi (voiced by Young Guy)

Antauri Roboto (voiced by Dallas)

Sprx-77 "Sparx" Roboto (voiced by Eric)

Mr. Hal Gibson-Roboto (voiced by Paul)

Nova Roboto (voiced by Shy Girl)

Otto Roboto (voiced by David/Evil Genius/Zack)

Skeleton King Demonson (voiced by Simon)

Jinmay Henderson (voiced by Kayla)

Hiro Takashi (voiced by Joey)

Eli Roboto (voiced by Brian)

Marga Roboto (voiced by Julie)

Brent Roboto (voiced by Kidaroo)

Valeena Shanko (voiced by Veena)

Evil Chiro Takashi (voiced by Alan)

Mandarin Demonson (voiced by Lawrence)

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