Season 0

NOTE: Season 0 episodes are only shown in Comic Con and The Upcoming DVD

Title: Directed by: Description: Airdate:
The Cryptids: Pilot Episode ChocolateMilkshake808 Bigfoot makes a team along with 6 friends August 18, 2013
The Big Girl ChocolateMilkshake808 The gang meets Flatwoods Monster for the first time

NOTE: This is the Flatwoods Monster's true first appearance

October 31, 2013
Bigfoot's Secret Friend ChocolateMilkshake808 Bigfoot has a secret friend named Ropen November 13, 2013

Season 1

Title: Directed by: Description: Airdate:
Alien be Smart ChocolateMilkshake808 Mothman and Jersey Devil teaches Alien how to be smart. November 30, 2013
You Happy Alien ChocolateMilkshake808 Bigfoot tries to cheer Alien after he was having a bad day. December 4, 2013
What is Danger ChocolateMilkshake808 Alien builds a Robot to prank his friend and the cryptids' worst enemy, Dr. Turbo, makes his first appearance along with Angel the Bald Eagle December 17, 2013
Mothman TV ChocolateMilkshake808 Mothman makes own show December 21, 2013
Meal Time! ChocolateMilkshake808 Bigfoot and Alien went to Canvey Island to find food and talked to The Canvey Island Monster January 4, 2014
Slender Pac Man ChocolateMilkshake808 After playing Pac Man, Slenderman decided to make his own game January 24, 2014
Ninja-Cabra ChocolateMilkshake808 Chupacabra becomes a Ninja February 3, 2014
Were Alien ChocolateMilkshake808 The Cryptids find Alien missing and went Face to Face with a Real Were Alien (or was it?)

NOTE: This is the first episode to be released in a different country before USA

April 10, 2014 (Canada)

April 21, 2014 (Germany)

April 26, 2014 (USA)

Special Episode ChocolateMilkshake808 This episode is about the gang going camping with new friends (and some old ones)

NOTE: This is the second episode to be released in a different country before USA

June 19, 2014 (India and Japan)

June 23, 2014 (USA)

Dinner ChocolateMilkshake808 Bigfoot makes dinner for The Cryptids July 27, 2014

Season 2

Title: Directed by: Description: Airdate:
A New Friend? ChocolateMilkshake808 Alien creates a new friend named Slob January 31, 2015
Attack of Deathstar ChocolateMilkshake808 A villain from 1987 to 2014 has returned to rob the united states for the first time (and to challenge Dr. Turbo) March 27, 2015
Villains Unleashed! ChocolateMilkshake808 Dr. Turbo, Angel, Were Alien, Deathstar, and Sally the Spider turned strong enough to defeat the cryptids. It is up to the cryptids to solve how to stop them! April 30, 2015
Tick-O-Nitis ChocolateMilkshake808 Nessie becomes sick with a disease called Tick-O-Nitis and it's spreading. Will there be a cure? September 3, 2015 (UK)

September 7, 2015 (USA)

Fanmade Episodes

NOTE: Fanmade Episodes are only shown on ArgonianDovahkiin's GoAnimate Channel.

Title: Directed by: Description: Airdate:
Dr. Turbo's Experiment ArgonianDovahkiin Dr. Turbo and Angel mutate Skunk Ape and Ogopogo into giant mutant monsters. Introduces Dr. Sal. March 27, 2015
Fish Frenzy ArgonianDovahkiin Dr. Turbo and Dr. Sal mutate a Deathfish and release it into a lake where Bigfoot, Alien, Nessie, Champ, and Ogopogo are fishing at. March 31, 2015
Deathstar's Secret ArgonianDovahkiin Deathstar reveals his true form as a dragon and escapes prison and attempts to have revenge. April 5, 2015
The Lyngbakr ArgonianDovahkiin Alien and Slob go sailing at the ocean and get attacked by a legendary norse sea monster called the Lyngbakr and wash up on Canvey Island. May 12, 2015
White Out! ArgonianDovahkiin Albino Bigfoot visits the Himalayas to hang out with Yeti. July 18, 2015

The Cryptids: Shorts

NOTE: Both ArgonianDovahkiin and ChocolateMilkshake808 will make TC: Shorts.

Title: Directed by: Description: Airdate:
Albino Bigfoot ArgonianDovahkiin Bigfoot meets an albino of his species for the first time. May 13, 2015
Alien's Camera ArgonianDovahkiin Alien finds a camera and attempts to make a talk-show. May 18, 2015
Alien Meets Pink Sheep ArgonianDovahkiin Alien meets Pink Sheep from ExplodingTNT's Minecraft Machinimas. July 30, 2015
That Face! ChocolateMilkshake808 While Chupacabra and Mothman were in a Car Chase, Chupacabra did something weird that made Dr. Turbo unconscious September 7, 2015

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