This is the list of characters that are featured in The Rooneys.

Main Characters

Adrian Rooney

Adrian Joseph Rooney is the 8-year-old autistic son of Michelle and Todd, nephew of Betty, Audrey's older brother and a cousin of Roger. Adrian serves as the "everyman" in the series. He has autism which can be hazardous to other people due to his schizoid personality. As he gets older until reaching his current age, he starts developing friendship with new friends in his third grade year. He has yellow spiky hair, pale skin, and wear a grey T-shirt, red pants and sneakers. He is often seen wearing a chest harness, since his rowdy behavior like temper tantrums damages the furnishings and valuables in the house.

Aunt Betty Rooney

Betty Louise Rooney (née Piaskoski) is the 42-year-old aunt of Adrian and Audrey, Michelle's older sister, the mother of Roger and the wife of Todd's older brother Freddy. She is a strict, charismatic, lovely, embittered and arrogant aunt who provides strict rules in the house to keep the neighborhood quiet to avoid getting attacked by strangers. She has blonde hair in the form of her "bob cut", she wears glasses, a light blue long sleeve shirt covered by a blue vest with a zipper, light grey pants and white shoes.

Roger Rooney

Roger Mason Rooney is the 15-year-old son of Aunt Betty and Uncle Freddy, Michelle and Todd's nephew, and the older cousin of Adrian and Audrey. He is the Sophomore in the high school in Carpenter City. He spends most of his days watching TV, playing video games and eating varieties of junk food (potato chips, pizza and soda). He has black messed up hair, he wears a grey shirt, green shorts and a pair of Chuck Taylor-styled black and white sneakers. He also has acne and wears headphones when playing his games.

Audrey Rose Rooney

Audrey Rose Rooney is the 4-year-old daughter of Michelle and Todd, niece of Betty, Adrian's younger sister and a cousin of Roger. She is the youngest of the Rooney children and she is nicknamed "Rosie" by Adrian and Roger. She has blonde hair in the form of her French braid, she wears a white collared shirt, blue skirt, and a pair of black-colored Mary Janes.

Michelle Rooney

Michelle Rachel Rooney (née Piaskoski) is the 37-year-old mother of Adrian and Audrey, Betty's younger sister, the aunt of Roger and Todd's wife. She is beautiful, but ends up getting clumsy and causes some big problems around the house. She works for a small insurance company that is a few miles away from their home. She has red long hair, she wears gold earrings, a light blue long sleeve blouse, beige pants and white shoes.

Todd Rooney

Todd Kenneth Rooney is the 39-year-old father of Adrian and Audrey, the uncle of Roger, Freddy's younger brother and Michelle's husband. He has a clueless and schizophrenic personality due to the fact that he is unable to take care of anything properly (such as having hamburger meat overcooked, shrinking the clothes in the laundry and mowing the lawn near the family dog in the backyard). He has black hair that forms a quiff and a mustache, he wears a white buttoned long sleeve shirt, a red tie, an orange apron (he wear that only if he cooks food), blue jeans and brown leather shoes.

Secondary Characters

Mr. Dave Snooty

Mr. David M. "Dave" Snooty is a strict, middle-aged and glutton special education teacher who is friendly towards primarily Adrian. According to his memory book, Snooty and Todd are good friends during their childhood. He also wants this "school year" of his to be perfect without having one mistake.

Andy Brandy

Andrew John "Andy Brandy" Brandish is an 8-year-old third grader and the first of Adrian's best friend at school. He has brown hair, he wears a yellow collared shirt with white stripes, blue shorts, a pair of orange and green sneakers and a red neckerchief. He likes anything that is cowboy related and draws his own imaginative stories.


Melissa Edwards is an 8-year-old third grader and another of Adrian's best friends at school. She is described as a tomboy as she wears a purple T-shirt with a white stripe, blue jeans and a pair black and white sneakers.


James "Jimmy" Bana is a 7-year-old second grader and another of Adrian's best friends at school. He often gets picked on by the older kids and wear glasses, he also wears a blue sweater covering his green shirt, beige pants and black leather shoes. He is often shown around usually Adrian who is very protective of him.

Suzie Chapman

Susanna Marie "Suzie" Chapman is an 8-year-old third grader and another of Adrian's friends at school. She is a transfer student of Adrian's school who comes from Texas because her parents wanted to get closer to Melissa's house. Suzie is a beautiful, honest, bubbly, cute, sweet, nervous and inefficient girl who is around Adrian's age, and a popular girl whom Adrian is in love with. Suzie becomes strict looking towards Adrian and makes him do everyday tasks for their kiss to be activated. She has blonde hair which forms her ponytail, she wears a white lace shirt that covers her white spaghetti strap top, a pink fur trim skirt, a pair of white go-go boots, a pink hair band with bow and a shiny bracelet on her right wrist.

Clint Evers

Clinton Kade "Clint" Evers is an 11 and a half-year-old fifth grader who is the school bully and Adrian's arch-nemesis. He is mean, cruel, spoiled, ruthless, untrustworthy and deceptive towards younger students in the school. Clint was described as a young tyrant with the goal to maintain his power over everyone else, while forever bullying the students. He originally wanted to attend middle school for sixth grade, but his strict mother makes him repeat fifth grade because his bad reports almost sends him to either summer camp or military school. He also constantly tortures and makes fun of Adrian because of his chest harness, whom Clint easily grabs the rope on Adrian's back. Like Adrian, he throws temper tantrums complete with screaming and rapid movements of his limbs, because he gets bad grades on his report card and because of his father's death from alcohol poisoning. He has black spiked hair, he wears a red shirt, a black vest, blue pants and a pair of black and white sneakers. When he and his family get to the movie theater in the town far from Carpenter City where his aunt and cousins lived, Clint watches his favorite movie called "Galactic Forces".

Recurring Characters

Ronny Sterling - one of the students who attend Adrian's school, he has an allergic reaction to peanuts.

Principal Mortlock - the absentminded principal of Adrian's school.

Sammy the Bus Driver - a crazed and ridiculous bus driver whom Adrian dislikes. His famous catchphrase to say when the certain students are about to find a seat was "Get into the back of my bus, ha ha!"

Scott Harper - one of the students who attend Adrian's school, he performs gestures and sign language, even when he doesn't talk that much.

Eric - a 12-year-old student from middle school. He is Clint's best friend and "#1" henchman. He is often seeing wearing a blue baseball cap and gold earrings.

Hayden Chapman - a 12-year-old student from middle school. He's Clint's secondary henchman and usually wears blue and black colored gloves for protection of his hands, he is also Suzie's older brother.

Matt Carver - the leader of the Teen Spirit Squad and one of the students that attend Roger's school.

Allen Shaffer - a hopeless glutton, Roger's best friend and one of the students that attend Roger's school.

Kayla Barrios - a Hispanic student who secretly develops a crush on Roger, one of the students that attend Roger's school.

Taylor Kulay-Rosas Talulot - a Filipino-born student at Roger's school.

Rodrigo Iglesias - a Hispanic football player at Roger's school.

Reybel Mathers - an emo punk student at Roger's school. He was once friends with Damien Tyson, but his effiminate personality causes Damien to betray him. Despite being strict to weak students, he simply gets along with them.

Leo Gunnar - a Jewish varsity team member and student at Roger's school.

Anastasia "Stacy" Brentwood - the popular girl at Roger's school. She has a blonde high-sided ponytail which has hair stamps on it, she also wears different types of outfits to impress most of the students and staff. She serves as the love interest for Damien Tyson.

Damien Tyson - a blonde football jock and the school bully at Roger's school who frequently bullies Roger for his obesity and laziness from the sedentary lifestyle. He is also Stacy's boyfriend.

Caleb Morton - an awkward nerdy freshman at Roger's school who was bullied by Damien Tyson.

Christian Spade - a student at Roger's school who was obsessed with hunting in the forest.

Sebastian "Sebby" Montsinger - an aspiring jazz musician and a student at Roger's school.