Here is the complete list of programs broadcast by Goanimate Network:

Current programs

The Tex Avery Show (January 31st 1996)

Caillou Gets Ungrounded (May 18th 2015)

Rosie Gets Grounded (September 28th 2014)

Dora Gets Grounded (August 27th 2013)

Audience Gets Grounded (May 5th 2012)

Life With Doris (May 2nd 2016)

Non Trouble Life For Caillou (September 7th 2015)

Cock My Pilpmen (October 31st 1998)

Caillou Gets Grounded (November 26th 2013)

In The Happy Meal Spa (September 9th 2016)

Wipeyou : a Nacho (April 1st 2016)

Oscar and Mike (May 11th 2015)

Eric Smith (October 14th 2014)

Reruns Of Ended Shows

These shows are no longer airing new episodes. But still air on the channel.

Big Mean Sister (May 20th 2014-November 26th 2015)

The Fuzzbuzz Show (February 7th 2015-May 7th 2015) (2nd Season Airs on Plotagon Network)

Ella Bella Gets Grounded (January 1st 2015-November 19th 2015) (2nd Season Airs on Plotagon Network)

The Jessica Andrew Show (March 26th 2015-November 26th 2015)

Adventures Of Dallas (June 18th 2012-April 8th 2016)

Warren Gets Grounded (May 24th 2013-July 19th 2015)

Screwy Squirrel (February 24th 2014-2015)

The Adventures Of PC Guy (February 24th 2009-March 11th 2011)

The Awildmew Show (July 17th 2010-July 17th 2015)

The Goanimate Show (January 31th 1996-December 11th 2016)

African Vulture Mouthless (January 31th 2011-December 25th 2015)

The Captain and The Kids (January 8th 2004-August 9th 2008)

Jack Paul (June 23rd 2000-May 22nd 2004)

Future Programming

Former Programming

These shows are no longer airing on GoAnimate Network

Calum Gets Grounded (March 19 2014-June 21st 2015)

Paul Gets Grounded (March 9th 2002-September-26th 2015)

Judge Karen's Court (September 2nd 2004-May 19th 2006)

Zara Gets Grounded (July 9th 2008-October 23rd 2016)

Walter Gets Grounded (April 6th 2012-March 31st 2015)

Memy9909 Gets Grounded (May 13th 2005-February 16th 2011)

The Goanimate Show (January 31st 1996-September 6th 2016)

Comedy World (January 31st 1996-December 1st 2016)

Goanimate Advance (January 31st 1996-September 26th 2015)

HNWF Crash!Down (June 12th 2003-May 24th 2007)

That 70's Show (January 31st 1996-April 1st 2016)

Luke and Friends (November 11th 2007-April 7th 2009)

Saturday Night Basketball (February 6th 1996-September 13th 2016)

Warren Reads (June 17th 2001-November 22nd 2009)

Eric Cartman's Adventures (August 7th 2002-November 21st 2004)

Eric and Brain (June 23rd 1998-September 18th 2006)

Home On The Range :The Series (August 7th 2001-August 27th 2014)

Caillou tlt Uolliac (January 22nd 2015-September 7th 2016)

Mario Head Adventures (January 31st 1996-July 9th 2010)

The Brian Peterson Show (March 6th 1997-January 1st 2015)

Pedro and Edro Get Ungrounded (March 9th 1998-February 16th 2007)

Jon Gets Grounded (October 9th 2005-September 27th 2012)

Leopold Slikk The Angry German Kid (September 9th 2006-September 9th 2016)

Harold Slikk The Angry German Dad (October 10th 2009-July 6th 2013)

ThatBluePandaGuy (September 27th 2010-November 19th 2014)

OfficerPoop247 Super Show (April 9th 2010-December 24th 2014)

Alan The Video Maker (July 9th 2011-December 6th 2016)

Julian The Animator Super Show (July 17th 1999- September 20th 2004)

Evil Boris (September 8th 2015-December-3rd 2016)

Aaron Gets Grounded (August 9th 2006-November 17th 2010)

Seth Gets Grounded (March 18th 2002-March 18th 2011)

Life With Doris (December 8th 2006-February 17th 2015)

Behavior Card Day (October 2nd 2012- November 26th 2015)

Behavior Item Day (May 23rd 2015-March 14th 2016)

Barney Bear (March 9th 1999- September 5th 2011)

Court Screwloose (November 16th 1996-June 2nd 2007)

The NotSmirks Show (June 3rd 2008-March 31st 2010)

George and Junior (March 31st 2011-March 31st 2016)

Spike and Tyke (July 8th 2005-September 5th 2011)

Happy Harmonies (March 9th 2004-July 19th 2008)

The Brendan Barney Show (May 9th 2005-October 20th 2015)

Willie Whopper (November 8th 2007-June 6th 2013)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Cartoon Studio Show (January 31st 1996-December 12th 2016)

The NotZick Show (June 14th 2004-May 28th 2010)


movies that air on the channel

GoAnimate The Movie

Spike (Movie Series)

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