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ColgatePony234 is the creator of the (cancelled) Leila series. He never gets grounded. He likes to eat at restaurants. He now hates grounded videos/threats.

Name: ColgatePony234

Age: 15

Born: May 15 2000

Zodiac Sign: Bull

Gender: Male

Aliases: Live Benamore, Member 524 (on skype)

Voice: Eric/Simon (used to be Duncan but it sounds too old for a 13 year old, changes to Simon when angry)

Favorite Color: Blue, teal, purple, green, silver, gold, turquoise, magenta, cyan

Favorite Foods: Pizza, cheese, cookies, pasta, cakes, donuts, chicken wings, pancakes, quesadillas, sausages, restaurant food

Favorite Games: 3D Pinball, Solitaire, card games, Flow, Wii, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Wii U

Friends: Baxter, good users

Enemies: Leila, Warren, Memy9909 trolls, bad users, grounded videos

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