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Lori was first made by TheJoJuan4444. West Philadelphia is where she was born and raised, and spent most of her days on the playgroud. She was playing some basketball after school, when some evil individuals (Cailou and dora) started to cause trouble in her neighborhood. Then, when lori got into a fight with the duo, her mother got frightened and made her move into bel air. "You're moving with your uncle to bel air" she said. Even after lori's countless begs and pleads, she was forced to move to bel air. After she experienced the luxary life, she thought about how good it was.

Coaster3002 Productions (cousin)

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Lori's father

Coaster3002's Daughter (cousin)

Caroline Productions Jr (cousin)

Lisa Productions (cousin)

Daughter (cousin)
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Lori's mother

Lori, Samaantha, And Emily
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Katie Productions, Coaster3002 Productions, Lori

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Lori And Coaster3002 Productions Are Great Cousin.