LucaElliot Pic




Working,doing artwork


Doing GoAnimate,playing video games,watch TV


11 years old



LucaElliot123 (a.k.a LucaElliot) was a child youtuber and the main antagonist in his GoAnimate vids. He was also a painter and drawer. He studied art and drawings. He was post productioning Jimmy Gets in Trouble. On May 5 2014, GoAnimate Fan 188 got him terminated for making a video out of awildmewfromROBLOX by contacting about his video. As a result, he was a bad user. Then later his account  came back on May 12 2014 for deleting the two videos he made.


He is an 11 year old boy who basically is the big bad in real life and his GoAnimate vids but he is still a nice and kind guy. He was born in Norway and he is studying art and drawings. Luca also knows a lot of Cayby J. He is a bad boy and mastermind in real life.

LucaElliot123 apple

A fine art of an apple he made to Newgrounds

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