Macusoper Busters Gets Grounded for Infinity is a GoAnimate Video with Plot and Transcript Being Created by DramonFan0311's Channel on YouTube.


  • Macusoper Busters Voiced: Kidaroo
  • Diesel Busters aka Macusoper's Dad Voiced: Diesel
  • Kate Busters aka Macusoper's Mom Voiced: Kimberly
  • DramonFan0311's Channel Voiced: Joey
  • DavidComedian1991 Voiced: David
  • Andrew Nguyen Voiced: Dallas
  • KrisTheAnimator1992 Voiced: Eric
  • Caroline0204 Voiced: Dave
  • Slippy V Voiced: Professor
  • Caleb Adams Voiced: Brian
  • Jonathan Brodbeck Voiced: Eric
  • Dylan Johnson Voiced: Brian
  • UndyneFanatic2016 Voiced: Steven
  • LucasComedian2000 Voiced: Joey
  • LouieLouie95 Voiced: Eric
  • TheSuperBaxter Voiced: Brian
  • Ethan Rosenbloom Voiced: Eric
  • Anthony Abate Voiced: Charlie
  • BrandonTheMovieGuy Voiced: Brian
  • DevinnyTroy Voiced: Brian
  • Joseph Selaty Voiced: Kimberly
  • MrTyesVideos Voiced: Eric
  • Av591Iad Voiced: Eric
  • Pikachu487 Voiced: Zack
  • Ryan Helmke Voiced: Brian
  • Kendra Hamilton Voiced: Kendra
  • Omar Jesus Voiced: Brian
  • William Voiced: Zack
  • Mrs. Shaw Voiced: Kate
  • Mr. Dike Voiced: Simon
  • Principal Voiced: Alan


  • Mrs. Shaw: Alright Class today we will doing Math
  • Mrs. Shaw: Erika was is 5 x 7 =?
  • Erika: 35
  • Mrs. Shaw: Correct!
  • Alan Cook: Attention Students!
  • Alan Cook: Someone who Create The New Line Cinema Long of Arthur from 1991? Real Not Fake?
  • Alan Cook: It was Strongly Fake. That Movie is made by Warner Bros. Not New Line Cinema.
  • Alan Cook: And Please Head to my Office!

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