• (When Macusoper is scheming to out his bedroom and running to the VHS Store)
  • Store Clerk: Can my I Help You Sir?
  • Macusoper: Yes Can May I Have Dumb and Dumber on VHS Please?
  • Store Clerk: Sure! Here is you're VHS.
  • Macusoper: Yay I Got It.
  • Macusoper: Since my Parents at Work I'm Going to Watch the Movie, Right Now?
  • (After 60 Minutes)
  • Macusoper: That's was a very best Movie.
  • Macusoper's Dad: Macusoper! How dare you get Dumb and Dumber on VHS!
  • Macusoper's Dad: That Movie is made by New Line Cinema, and you're banned from Everything made by New Line Cinema!

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