Macusoper Kidnaps Kayla and Gets Grounded is a GoAnimate special with the plot and transcript created by Super Malechi.


Macusoper walks to school to find Brian's Girlfriend, Kayla to kidnap her. Brian is so angry what Macusoper did. He kidnapped Kayla. He went to the principal's office. Then the principal is so angry. And He Got Grounded Forever.


  • Kidaroo as Macusoper.
  • Kayla as Herself.
  • Zack as Brian.
  • Dave as Principal Hamilton.
  • Diesel as Macusoper's Dad.
  • Kate as Macusoper's Mom.


Macusoper: I'm so bored! Wait, I have a plan! Maybe I can kidnap Kayla when Brian is."

[Macusoper walks to School]

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