A episode of the Macusoper series.


  • Macusoper: I'm gonna watch some Creepypasta, and Monster Jam.
  • (Cut to: Happy the Happy Birthday Clown dancing on a white background with the word "Creepypasta" next to her, and then the Monster Jam logo appears below the word after the narrator's line)
  • Narrator: Coming up next on New England Plus is Creepypasta, followed by Monster Jam.
  • (Cut back to Macusoper)
  • Macusoper: Oh wow!
  • (Cut to  Happy the Happy Birthday Clown about to slit someone's throat)
  • Happy the Happy Birthday Clown: Happy birthday, now die!
  • (She slits the person's throat, causing him to die)
  • (Cut to: Macusoper's dad walking into Macusoper's living room)
  • Macusoper's dad: Hey! You're not supposed to watch these shows! Can'tcha only watch the Ewoks' show?
  • (Cut to: Jessica dancing on a white background next to the title for her series)
  • Narrator: Coming up next on the Grounded Network, it's Mean Big Sister!
  • (cut back to Macusoper)
  • Macusoper: Omigod! I hate her! I know, I will get Happy the Happy Birthday Clown to kill her with me!
  • (cut to Happy talking on the phone as Macusoper walks in)
  • Happy the Happy Birthday Clown: Come on! Give me those extra knives NOW! NOW! NOW!
  • Macusoper: Hey you sweet Creepypasta character, do you want to kill Mean Big Sister with me?
  • Happy the Happy Birthday Clown: Okay! But we'll have to be careful, or the NEP Corporation will ground me.
  • Macusoper: Okay!
  • (after rounding up a gang of Creepypasta characters and other troublemakers, Macusoper, Happy, and the gang headed to the studios)
  • (The gang rush into the studios)
  • Macusoper: Prepare to die, you child abuser!
  • Ashley: (to herself) Finally, a gift from god is stopping my mean sister!
  • Jessica: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Please don't kill me! I won't abuse her again!
  • Kumi: Too bad!
  • Happy: Ready, aim, FIRE!
  • (they throw/fire their weapons at Jessica, killing her instatly, as Ashley runs out!)
  • Macusoper: (to camera) I declare that the series is now over!
  • (police arrive)
  • (gang runs away)
  • Everybody: OH NO! It's the cops!
  • (back at Macusoper's house)
  • Macusoper's dad: OH OH OH! Now you're grounded and in big trouble!
  • (the end)

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