Macusoper decides to get "Necklace: Ania's Mission" on VHS while grounded.


Dad: No you are not welcome to buy anything becuase you're grounded still.

Macusoper: How long am I still grounded?

Dad: You're grounded for life. Remember?

Macusoper: I have been grounded for 12 years now.

Dad: Well this will be 13. Now go to your room.

(Macusoper walks to the video store)

Clerk: How can I help you?

Macusoper: Can I have "Necklace: Ania's Mission" on VHS please? Here's 25 dollars.

Clerk: Thanks, here's the VHS.

(Macusoper goes home)

Macusoper: I'm going to watch it right now.

(165 minutes later)

Macusoper: That was a awesome movie.

Dad: Did I just hear you watch a movie while grounded?

Macusoper: Umm, yes.

Dad: Macusoper, how dare you buy "Necklace: Ania's Mission" on VHS? Besides, this movie was made by KassiasGrandiel, the director of the ElHeroes! Also, your are still grounded. That's it! Your even more grounded grounded grounded grounded for 4 months! Go to bed right now! While your grounded, no KassiasGrandiel movies or games!

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