Macusoper kills Nahfam and gets grounded is a Goanimate episode. Macusoper is mad at Mr. Fan for cheating on him and letting him watch a show about Ewoks, so he decides to kill Nahfam as revenge. Unfortunately, Warren Cook wanted to kill Nahfam first before Macusoper. Macusoper's dad punishes Macusoper by making him only watch The Ewoks Show and The Nahfam Show and only eat popcorn, soda, and tap water.


  • Kidaroo as Macusoper
  • Brian as Warren Cook
  • Diesel as Macusoper's Dad


Macusoper: Mr. Fan cheated on me! He only let me watch Ewoks! So I took revenge on Nahfam! He's dead for good!

Warren Cook: Macusoper! I am Warren Cook! How dare you kill Nahfam! I was going to kill him first!

Macusoper: Shut up!

Macusoper's dad: You are grounded for killing Nahfam! Eric should've done it! You will only watch Ewoks and Nahfam! You will only have stale popcorn & Coke products & tap water to eat and drink.


  • This is the 3rd appearence of Warren Cook in one of Curiousgorge55's Macusoper gets grounded videos.
  • When Macusoper's Dad pointed out Eric should've killed Nahfam, this references "Eric kills Nahfam and gets ungrounded".
  • This takes after the 5th episode of Curiousgorge55's Macusoper gets grounded series.
  • Macusoper was the rudest in this episode than any other episode.

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