Macusoper gets grounded is a Goanimate episode. Warren Cook is having a nice day, when he sees Macusoper coming to talk to him. But when Macusoper tries to talk to Warren, Macusoper's dad punishes Macusoper for trying to talk to Warren.


  • Brian as Warren Cook
  • Wiseguy as Macusoper's dad
  • Kidaroo as Macusoper & Curiousgorge66 (angry voice)
  • Eric as Curiousgorge66 (normal voice)


Warren Cook: I love this day! Oh no! It's Macusoper!

(Macusoper's dad appears)

Macusoper's dad: Macusoper! How dare you try to talk to Warren Cook! You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded forever!

Macusoper: Dad! I'm sorry!

Warren Cook: It's too late for sorry! Go back home and go back to your room!

Curiousgorge66: This isn't a New Tracey Ullman sketch. This is a Macusoper gets grounded video. (angry voice) No credit to Macusoper!


  • This episode has the least amount of lines that Macusoper has.
  • Macusoper's dad's angry voice is a reference to Coulden Pettit's angry voice.
  • This is Curiousgorge66's first Macusoper gets grounded video.
  • This is one of few Macusoper gets grounded videos that Warren Cook makes an appearence.
  • This episode makes a milestone for Macusoper gets grounded videos- 25 to 30 second Macusoper gets grounded videos.
  • The video is referenced in Macusoper's Really Big Movie.

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