Macusoper gets grounded is the first episode of my series made by SuperMalechi.


Macusoper is told to go to watch It's a Wonder Pets Christmas! at the lab dining place with Malechi, which would to only allow two of people there, only one at a time. Macusoper is grumbling about his dislike to the Wonder Pets. When they get here, Macusoper refuses to come to the movie party. But Malechi did, except Macusoper. After that, he sees that Macusoper is not with him. When they get home, he is reprimanded by Faith.


  • Paul as Malechi
  • Kate as Faith
  • Kidaroo as Macusoper


  • Malechi: Macusoper, my mom told me to go to see It's a Wonder Pets Christmas! in the lab place. You are to come with me.
  • Macusoper: All this extra work! It bores me out!
  • Malechi: Rubbish! C'mon! Get in the car!
  • (in the car, Malechi is driving, while Macusoper is sulking)
  • Macusoper: It get no rest, I get no rest!
  • Malechi: Stop your grumbling this instance! We are going to the lab place! We have to watch It's a Wonder Pets Christmas!.
  • Macusoper: I never like that movie!
  • (they stop at the traffic light)
  • Malechi: We'll keep the lab place waiting!
  • Macusoper: You always think about the It's a Wonder Pets Christmas movie and never about me!
  • (the car drives again)
  • Macusoper: I don't like the movie! And I can't stand it!
  • (they arrive at the lab place)
  • Malechi: Let's get in the place!
  • Macusoper: Keep your old lab place! I'm staying here!
  • (Malechi arrives at the lab place)
  • Lab Manager: Hello! What would you like to watch on the lab screen?
  • Malechi: I would like to watch It's a Wonder Pets Christmas!.
  • Lab Manager: Okay, have fun!
  • Malechi: Thank you sir!

(In the lab room where the movie is, we see the 2013 Paramount logo, in Christmas style, and the Nickelodeon Movoes from 2010 plays also)

  • (after the movie, Malechi notices that Macusoper is not with him)
  • Malechi: I gotta talk to my parents about what Macusoper has done)
  • (when they get home)
  • Malechi: Mom!
  • Faith: What, Malechi?
  • Malechi: Macusoper refused to see "It's a Wonder Pets Christmas!".
  • Faith: Okay, I'll have a talk with him.
  • (in Malechi's room)
  • Faith: Listen to me, Macusoper! There is nothing wrong with the movie! You refused to see it because Malechi told you to come! This movie is not bad! If it happens again, I will send you to bed for the rest of the week, in case your career is over!
  • (Macusoper stares with shock and goes to sleep)

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