Macusoper gets grounded for throwing a bench at Mr. Fan (Goanimate Title: Macusoper gets grounded for throwing a bench) is a Goanimate episode. Macusoper's dad hears that Macusoper threw a bench at Mr. Fan, so he punishes Macusoper for doing so.


  • Silent as Macusoper
  • Diesel as Macusoper's dad
  • Alan as 60sfan's father


(Macusoper's dad talks on the phone)

Macusoper's dad: Hello. Oh! It's Mr. Fan! What could it be? Oh! 60sfan got grounded again. What's this about Macusoper?

60sfan's father: Macusoper threw a bench at me, and 60sfan will only be watching shows made after the 1960s.

Macusoper's Dad: (angry, 400% loud voice) What? Oh my gosh! Macusoper! You threw a bench at Mr. Fan! You're grounded forever!


  • Macusoper doesn't have any lines in this episode.
  • 60sfan's father only has a voice cameo.


  • Macusoper's father didn't say "How dare you" before he says what the troublemaker did.
  • Macusoper has the same facial expression throughout the episode.

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