Maelle: The Movie
GoAnimate Studio-made "movie" information

Directed by

Emma Farley

Produced by

Tilly Jones

Written by

Mrs. Read

Based on

The snooty duck villager Maelle from Animal Crossing games.

Music by

Done by Lillin Jones


Tinna Kismos

Editing by



GoAnimate Pictures

Distributed by

Paramount Home Video

Release Date(s)

August 8, 1999





Gross Revenue

$12 million

Preceded by


Followed by

Maelle: The Movie 2: Maelle Out of the City

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Maelle: The Movie is an 1999 direct-to-video American film that was released by Paramount Home Video. Maelle was the first film by GoAnimate Studios to be to be rated PG-13 for language and violence. Maelle does her best to save Peppytown from a mean duck villager named Mallary who is Maelle's rival. The film was the 1st film to use the GoAnimate Pictures logo with the Tori Net byline. This is one of Tilly Jones' last film before she passed away of throat cancer in 2000. Directed by the late Emma Farley and Tilly Jones, the film recieved positive ratings. It also had a limited release in late 1999 and early 2000.

Voices of:

Julie as Mira

Emma as Mallary

Princess as Maelle and Mint

and more!

Statuses For The Characters

Main Characters:

Character Name Status
Maelle Alive
Mira Deceased which is impossible because she is an uchi villager and uchis cannot die, get grounded and other punishments.
Mint Alive
Pashmina Alive
Blaire Alive
Meredith Deceased ( died of a fatal illness )

Supporting Characters:

Character Name Status
Curly Alive
Annalisa Alive
Rasher Retired from the movie
Portia ( New Leaf ) Alive


Character Name: Status: Notes:
Mallary Battled Maelle's rival
Static Battled Secondary rival of Maelle.
Monique Alive In the film, she turned friendly to Maelle.


This film has recieved a ton of positive ratings from 10.10 out of 10.


VHS Opening

1st part

2nd part

3rd part

4th part

5th part

6th part

Final part


A sequel was released on January 1, 2003. A second sequel will be released theatrically in 2018. However, due to almost all of the cast of the original film either dead or retired, the film will feature an all new cast playing the old characters


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