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Magnus Omegus AUTTP AUTFP AVGCP AEDCP ANDCP NODD, also known as Magnus Omegus, is a user on GoAnimate who hates bad users, UTTP members, and those who dislike him. Magnus Omegus is the fourth GoAnimater (seventh if Nemo333m, TheClassicMusicLover99 and Mister C.F. didn't leave) to become part of NODD. His favorite food is pizza, macaroni, hamburgers and fried chicken. He also likes candy, snack food such as chips, and like's to drink soda. His favorite users are YankieDude5000. He hates ONPU SEGAWA UTTP and Evil Mcjuggernuggets UTTP, as everyone else does. He has a deep hatred for King I Am Rich UTTP for making videos out of him for no reason. His age is 16 and currently lives in Miami, Florida. His best friends are YankieDude5000 and Cesar Animation.

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