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This is what he looks like

Mason McLaren is the brother of Jack McLaren and a former Undisputed Champion. He is one of the founding members of the HNWF's UnStable.


Bio: Mason McLaren has been jealous of his older brother Jack ever since they were kids. But when they both shared an interest in wrestling, Mason finally thought he could top his brother at something. One day during training, Jack accidentally broke Mason's jaw. Mason has covered it with a bandana ever since. Enraged that no one recognized he was actually the better wrestler, he went to HNWF to prove he was better than Jack at something, never telling his brother all the while. He eventually succeeded, defeating his brother many times over and becoming HNWF's first ever Undisputed Champion. Somewhere along the line, he got involved with STIGMA and Colin Delaney, reforming the UnStable in HNWF. When Starfade was wrestling a Mask vs. Mask match against his false counterpart, Colin distracted the real Starfade, allowing Mason to attack Starfade. Eventually, the real Starfade picked up the win. Then, the false Starfade unmasked and revealed himself as STIGMA, after which all three began to attack him, reforming the UnStable.

Born: March 2, 1984

Age: 30

Debut: HNWF Uncensored 2000

Theme Song: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell

Finisher: The UnStable Hit (6 Power Bomb)

HNWF shoot incident

During an HNWF show in late 2018, Mason wrestled a match against Kidd Clutch. Mason hit him with a chair and knocked some of his teeth out in an unscripted event. After this, he cut a shoot promo about not being respected and how HNWF has had its name devalued over the years. He then walked out of the arena and drived away. The next day, HNWF fired Mason McLaren on their webpage. This shoot promo was one of the factors that led to HNWF's fanbase leaving in droves.


  1. His nickname is "The Cowboy from Hell"
  2. He fought Starfade for the United States Championship
  3. He won the 6 man Hell in a Cell match
  4. He lost the Undisputed Championship to Ted Myers
  5. He is known for his violent tendencies, such as pulling audience members who didn't like him out of the audience and performing his finisher on them.
  6. He has been arrested multiple times due to violent tendencies.
  7. He dropkicked Jayzon into a Car window


I do not own this image. The credit goes to Gore.

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