"That's what you get for destroying Church's Chicken!"
-Maxwell and Lily laughing at Doppelgänger's punishment in Scribblenauts: Funtime!

Maxwell as he appears in Scribblenauts Unmasked


Maxwell Scribblenaut









Maxwell Scribblenaut (Mostly known as just Maxwell) is a character from the Scribblenauts game series and ScribblenautsINC's videos[1]. He was formerly a troublemaker, according to ScribblenautsINC's deleted videos. He was born in a family of 44, including his 2 parents, his 41 brothers, and one sister. He is the sixth eldest of the family, and his sister and baby brother is younger than him.

As a troublemaker

In the deleted videos, Maxwell puts a beehive in his grandpa's mailbox and gets grounded, and Maxwell hits Lily and gets grounded, Maxwell was a bad person at that time before he cloned himself and made Doppelgänger, who is an evil version of Maxwell and has a color swap.


Maxwell getting grounded in Maxwell puts a beehive in his grandpa's mailbox/grounded.

In Maxwell puts a beehive in his grandpa's mailbox and gets grounded, He got severe punishments. and when he went to his room, he cloned his evilness out of him, creating Doppelgänger.


How can you explain this
How can you explain this?

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Doppelgänger is a evil clone that Maxwell made. He does bad things such as wreck Church's Chicken and steal money from the bank.


  • Maxwell and all of his family members have unique Rooster Hats.
  • His voice was originally David/Evil Genius/Zack, but it got changed into Young Guy.


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