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Mike Collington & His Band is a vanity card of Michael Collington.

Shows Mike Collington & His Band Made:

  • South Park 2.0
  • Lenny & Fred
  • Mike's Rants
  • World Premiere Toons
  • Bad Days
  • Cartoon Classics
  • Fool me Once, Shame on You! Fool me Twice, I Punch your Face!

Upcoming programs & sketches (which is for The Underdog Comedy Show) Mike Collington & His Band will make:

  • Politics & Celebrities
  • Holiday & Seasonal
  • Lenny & Fred meets Underdog
  • Shoeshine is... Sweet Polly Purebred (for The Underdog Comedy Show!, and the first episode, and as the first sketch)
  • Wreck-it Riff Raff (A movie based on Web series "The Riff Raff Show", Underdog theme returns June 3, 2013 only for GoInternet)
  • The Riff Raff Show (Underdog theme returns June 3, 2013 only for GoInternet)
  • Simon's Evil Genius Video Diary (Underdog theme returns June 3, 2013 only for GoInternet)
  • The Sweet Polly Purebred Show (for World Premiere Toons, previously "The Cartoonstitute")

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