• Minky (played by Shy Girl)
  • Erika (played by Julie)
  • Alvin (played by Ivy)
  • Simon (played by Ivy)
  • Theodore (played by Ivy)
  • Timon (played by David)
  • Pumbaa (played by Diesel)


  • Alvin: Minky, where's your Wreck It Ralph DVD?
  • Minky: I don't have it.
  • Alvin: You should get one!
  • Simon: The Wreck It Ralph movie is really cool!
  • Theodore: Yeah! You should!
  • Timon: You can't be cool if you don't get the Wreck It Ralph DVD!
  • Minky: Oh…okay.
  • (At home)
  • Minky: Erika, my friends want me to get a Wreck It Ralph DVD. Can we go to the store and buy one?
  • Erika: Sure. Let's go!
  • (At the video store)
  • Minky: (sees a Wreck It Ralph DVD) Hey look. I wanna get that Wreck It Ralph DVD.
  • Erika: Minky, that's 12 dollars. I can't afford that much.
  • Minky: 12 dollars? It's not that expensive!
  • Erika: Sorry, Minky. I can't afford it. What about a Winnie the Pooh There's No Camp Like Home VHS instead? It's seven dollars.
  • Minky: (thinking) Maybe I should accept her offer and buy a VHS that's seven dollars instead of a DVD that's twelve dollars.
  • Minky: Okay. I'll take the VHS.
  • Erika: That's a great choice, Minky! We'll take the VHS!
  • (the next day)
  • Alvin: Minky, did you get that DVD?
  • Minky: No. I couldn't afford it, so I got a Winnie the Pooh There's No Camp Like Home VHS instead!
  • Simon: Wow!
  • Theodore: That's so cool, Minky!
  • Timon: That's a very nice VHS!
  • Pumbaa: Can we watch it?
  • Minky: Sure!

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