Minky Momo Orders Some Book of Pooh VHS's And Gets Grounded was a GoAnimate episode.


Minky decides if she could order The Book Of Pooh Fun With Words, The Book Of Pooh Fun With Friends, and The Book Of Pooh Fun With Manners. And she orders them. One day later, they arrived, and Minky watches them. 134 minutes later, the VHS's ended, and her father arrives and says that she watched the VHS's. Then he takes them and gives them to Michelle and Violet. And Minky was grounded for two days.


  • Minky Momo (played by Shy Girl)
  • Minky's father (played by Eric)
  • Narrator (played by Charlie)
  • Leela (played by Kate)
  • Michelle (played by Ivy)
  • Violet (played by Shy Girl)


  • Minky: I'm gonna order The Book Of Pooh Fun With Words, The Book Of Pooh Fun With Friends, The Book Of Pooh Fun With Manners.
  • [She goes on the computer and order the VHS's]
  • Minky: There. I ordered them. They will be here soon.
  • Narrator: One day later.
  • Minky: Yeah, i got these VHS's. Now i'm gonna watch them.
  • Narrator: 134 minutes later.
  • Minky: That was great.
  • Minky's father: Minky, how dare you order these Book of Pooh VHS's. That's it. You're grounded grounded grounded for two days. I'm gonna gove these VHS's to Michelle and Violet.
  • [At school]
  • Leela: Would you like to watch some Book of Pooh VHS's?
  • Michelle: Yes, i love them.
  • Violet: Me too. I do like them.

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