Caillou TV Show: Miss Martin is Caillou's Preschool Teacher. She's a Kind Lady with Red Hair and Red Overhalls and a light yellow shirt on with blue shoes. She's one of Caillou's Favourite Persons in all the world.

Caillou Gets Grounded: She's one of the main Characters in Caillou Gets Grounded Series.

Life with/without Doris: She is Boris' Ex-Wife, Caillou and Rosie's former stepmother, one of the main Characters in Life with/without Doris, she's also the main antagonist in season 2 in Life with Doris.

She's a Middle Age woman who haves trouble with his class (especially Caillou) She constantly gets angry

She's bullied at school by Caillou


Ginger Lady,Mother Nature, Old Lady and Mc Fart Mcfflufy Only in 1Redbed Caillou gets Grounded Series


Kate (Vocalware)

Amy (IVONA) Some Users

Julie (Vocalware) Some Users

Appereances: Almost in every Caillou gets Grounded Video

Allies: Leo,Jason,Jeffrey,Emma,Xavier,Clementine's Mom,Leo's Mom, Doris,Boris and Rosie

Enemies: Caillou,Rosie (Sometimes) Doris (Sometimes)


Being Called a Ginger


Baby Shows

Temper Tantrums


Teaching Children

Caillou's Dad





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