Monica is a Brazilian Comic Cartoon Character created by Mauricio de Sousa (b. October 27 1935) in 1963, which is based off of Sousa's daughter.
First ever Monica comic

First ever Monica Comic in 1963.

Monica is a 7 year old little girl who plays with her Plushie bunny, Samson. Her bunny is used as a Weapon against boys in Limoeiro Street (fictional area of Sao Paulo) including Cebolinha.


Monica with her Plushie bunny, Samson

Initially, her Bunny doesn't have a name. Samson was suggested by Roberta Carpi in 1983.
Sansão 2

Samson is Monica's plushie bunny.

Likes: Sora, Magali, Samson, Cebolinha gets grounded videos, Lottie dolls, SBT, Rede Globo, Sofia The First gets grounded, Mike The Knight gets grounded

Dislikes: Cebolinha, Disney Junior, Baby Shows, Mike The Knight, Sofia The First, being called Fatty.

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