Mr. Pickles


Mr. Pickles is a Troublemaker.

  • Voice: French Fry, (Angry Voice) Kidaroo/Scary Voice.

Mr Pickles is a satanic dog who kills innocent people all the time. He's also a troublemaker and a creepy scary voice. He likes to have sex with Blue, And likes jumbo pickles He's also a good boy when he's a bad boy.

Likes/Dislikes Edit

Likes: Baby Shows, His own TV show, Bad users, Dora the Explorer, Barney, Tree Fu Tom, Justin Time, Teletubbies, Franny's Feet, Peg + Cat, Mike the Knight, Caillou, Justin Bieber, Rebbeca Black Blue's Clues Strawberry Shortcake Sesame Street, Puffin Browser, 4chan, GoldbergSpringtrap and other horrible stuff.

Dislikes: Anime, Naruto/Dragonball, Spongebob, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, MLP Everything is Magic, Doraemon, Pokemon, Sam & Cat, iCarly, Hello Kitty, GoAnimate, messing with Tommy, Mordecai Peterson, when he ends up in jail or got killed by someone and other good stuff.

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