Ms. Martin is the secondary tritagonist of the Caillou gets grounded videos. She is Caillou's teacher since many years and she actually hates him. She gives behavior card days. Her boss is Clementine's mom.

Birth July 6 1976 New York (41)

Looks: Miss Martin has fair skin, brown eyes, and orange hair in a ponytail. She wears earrings, a yellow long- sleeved shirt over a red sweater vest and a tie, red dress pants, and blue shoes with high heels. Love Interest : Mr. Martin, Boris She has kids like- Sarah, Leo, Caillou, Clementine, Dora Marquez, Rosie- and sometimes she really teaches kids about subjects like- Science, English, Mathematics, and more. She is almost a Primary teacher.

As an example: Arthur forgot how he wanted to say something: Arthur turns everyone into a cow when he got held back at the same time.