Mugen Yujo (Japanese for "Infinite Friendship") is an online anime series that ran from April 11th - 20th, 2014 on with a total of only 8 episodes and was created by Dude2000. It revolves around four friends , Michael, Junie, Daniel, & Madeline. The four hang out with each other and are best friends 'till the end.



Original Airdate Info Production Code
To Be Dared April 11th, 2014 Daniel is dared to do a dangerous thing, and accepts the dare, but will he still accept it?  101
Dare Denied April 11th, 2014 Daniel thinks about the dare and denies it. 102
Love Advice April 12th, 2014 When Michael has a crush on Junie, he recieves crush advice from Daniel. 103
Awry Love April 13th, 2014

A planned relationship between Michael & Junie goes awry.

NOTE: Final Appearence of Michael.

Hard Question April 14th, 2014 When Madeline gives Junie a hard math question, Junie is destined to get it wrong. But will she? 105
Big Answer April 14th, 2014

Junie says the right answer for the question asked in the previous episode.

NOTE: Final Appearence of Madeline.

Bike Race April 16th, 2014 Daniel & Junie race eachother with bikes. But who will win? 107
The Fall April 20th, 2014

Daniel & Junie end up falling due to steep hills.

NOTE: Series finale.



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