Naillou is caillou older cousin who has brothers named Paillou & Raillou and married to Genka Kunahito but he does not have children yet He shown to be more mature and calm and fluent with stuff(cooking,mechanical stuff,gambling,etc) he shown to have a good strength(his muscles are not shown) he mostly hate Boris a lot he shown to be rivals he shown to be a good gambler he shown to always win against Boris his favorite game is pool,tennis,catch,etc he is also less angry.



Born:jan 1st 1996


Job:business man on goanimate tech

Job level:Business Tycoon

Brothers:Paillou & Raillou

Wife: Genka Kunahito (Married in 2015)

Like:Caillou,Daillou,Baillou,games,his wife,Angry kid,etc

Dislikes:Boris,punishing caillou,caillou getting punished,Punishments,child abuse,etc