What Up Everyone, My Name Is Nermal. I'm A Tabby Cat Or A Kitten. I Visit Garfield House Too. Oh. Did I Forget Something, I Like Annoying Garfield, HAHAHA. I Could Be The World's Cutest Kitten. Jon Thinks I'm Cute. I Love How Much Jon Loves Me. Sometimes, Garfied tries to get rid of me. I Didn't Like That, Even If I Get Sent To Abu Dhabi. I Also Releated To Garfield.

My Full name




My Other names

The cutest kitten in the whole world

My Personality

adorable, innocent, cute, usually annoying and diabolical, at times cocky, full-of-himself, self-loving, somewhat antagonistic, sweet.

My Appearance

Grey Tabby

My Birthday

possibly August 5, 1979

My Home

Jon's house (occasionally)

My Allies

Jon Arbuckle

Odie (Sometimes)

My Enemies

Garfield Dogs Odie (Sometimes)

Things I Like

Annoying Garfield, Being called the world's cutest kitten

Things I Dislike

Dogs and anything ugly; Garfield sending him to Abu Dhabi

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