New GoAnimate is a movement started by Googlebrains/InSaNeJOY to create a more mature community revolving around making GoAnimate videos with the Business Friendly themes.

Mission Statement

New GoAnimate is a group created to arise a new, more mature, GoAnimate community. Ever since the 2016 updates happened, GoAnimate has been left a blank slate for us as reformed people to use to our advantage. Let's end the flame wars. Together, we will save GoAnimate.

List of members

Feel free to add yourself if you promise to abide by the rules ;)


  1. No groups that resemble the UTTP, VGCP, or other groups, in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.
  2. Don't make grounded videos of other users, or use grounded threats towards other users.
  3. No negativity about anything Alvin Hung did before October 18, 2016. If he does bad things after that make you upset, please be civil about it. Alvin Hung doesn't want to hear your death threats.
  4. Unless you have an idea that DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND GETTING GROUNDED IN ANY WAY, please don't use Caillou as a protagonist or antagonist.

Other points we'd like to make

  • Before joining, it might be a good idea to ask yourself this question: "If a person on GoAnimate is being mean to me and is a member of the VGCP, what would I do?"
  • We would prefer if you are 13 years or older. We don't enforce this as a rule but it's still recommended, as underage users tend to cause flame wars.
  • Grounded videos aren't funny if they're overdone. Please try to make videos with original storylines.
  • You don't have to add anything to your name to join New GoAnimate, as "label-groups" cause flame wars.

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