• Nick:  Man, I'm So, so, so, Bored Today. What should I do? I know! I'll Watch Love it or List it.
  • (Nick watches Love It or List It)
  • Nick:  That was Good.
  • (Nick's Mom comes in)
  • Nick's Mom:  Did I Hear you Watch Love it or List it? Let me See.
  • Nick:  Oh, Shoot!
  • Nick's Mom:  Oh My Gosh, That was a Baby Show That You Just Watch. Now get off the couch, I Change it to Max & Ruby.
  • Nick:  But I Want to Watch Another Episode of Love it or List it!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick's Mom:  Now I Change it to Max & Ruby. I Switch it to Love it or List it to Max & Ruby so Enjoy.
  • Nick:  I Do Not Like Max & Ruby Let's Throw This Bad TV Out. Let's Watch Another Love it or List it.
  • Nick's Mom:  Go to Bed Now!
  • Nick: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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