NicoDYesFundirBroeUTTPNoT750 TNO AVGCP AUTTP (Born in 26th Oct 2001,UK) Is a new leader of AUTTP And T750 and the main creator of Boris The Teeth Guy And also a video maker that he makes Boris The Goddamned Teeth Guy. He has friends are Magnus Omegus, YankieDude5000, GoAnimate101 Animations 2016 Studios And Itz_RedCreepz. On June 20th 2016 He Quits Youtube because all of his videos had been caught by his Principal and he got suspended for a day. He always can be extremely rude, mischievous, Angry and horrid when he was in school and he is a TroubleMaker of his school. He always uses Profanity/Swearing that he gets detention so many times. He dislikes homework, school, detentions, lack of his channel, lack of his computer, All bad users and a lack of his Playstation 4. His school internet got banned 2 times.

On July 30th 2016 He makes his 2nd channel named MagnusOmegusFTWBorisTheTeethGuyFTL But it was unused until he began using it few days later. He became friends again with Magnus Omegus and the others. since he returns to youtube his channel went up to 0 to 52 Subscribers. His original channel has 400 Subscribers and 100,000 total views. Since he closed his account He got pissed off badly and he decided to destroy his computer monitor but he don't want to go full Angry Grandpa. All of his friends and fans cried and makes an reaction of him closed his account and GoAnimater101 Animations 2016 Studios was extremely upset of him closing his account and also makes a extremely sad video.

Amazing Girl takes revenge on him for getting her channel destroyed and she decided to tell his principal on him for his videos that he make and he got into extremely severely serious trouble that began suspension. That's why he quit youtube and Itz_RedCreepz Uploaded a video about what happened and everyone didn't know how Itz_RedCreepz remembered that but Itz_RedCreepz replied that him and NicoDYesFundirBroeUTTPNo was in the same school.

On August 24th OfficerPoop247 Repiled on MagnusOmegusFTWBorisTheTeethGuyFTL's Comment on his recent video saying that When will you get your computer back and MagnusOmegusFTWBorisTheTeethGuyFTL replied and said that he dosen't know and he also said that he'll try to find it.

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