Notmigz , Or migz, To be exact. Is a member of Juspar And, Loganair17 and Exp Conder's video's, He was enemy's with Solitairejoker. He never did anything to him. Anyways. Obviously it was never funny. He kept spreading hate on him on his video. Ask Solitaire delayed. It was a horribly edited video. At the end. He addresses Notmigz, And tells him these 2 words. " #GokysMigz, #Fuckmigz , After this. Migz Watched the video like some leafy clone. Then Migz also makes 2 hashtags, #gokyssolitiare, #Fucksolitaire, Weeks later. They where in a skype group with each other. Apologizing for their actions. 2 days later. Solitaire decides to break the contract , And migz art jerking off to migz's Female friend, Ginger. Migz was very angry about this. That he decided to get his revenge by getting into different skype groups and spamming the, "ass" Emoji on skype. This angered his (solitaire's) friend Nicholas the egghead , After that, Solitaire made a video. The Notmigz backstory. It was another bad video , With the start saying it is not supposed to offend, Or bring any hate to Notmigz. Notmigz then watched the video. He said when we did the apology thing, Every one was "Depressed" Even know everyone was happy. Except for the egg fag, He kept saying. I SEE PURPLE AROUND MY ROOM, IM HALLUCINATING, After that, We told nick to snap out of it, 2 days later, Nick ruins the contract. Saying we "Peeked." On him. What the hell does "peeked" Even mean?!

The end

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