Proof that some characters like nutty and he hates lifty and shifty


what he looks like in happy tree friends

nutty is a awesome squirrel from happy tree friends he is a candy lover and he never gets grounded


name nutty the squirrel

born halloween 2005

age 9

voice: Kidaroo


candy good users sugar destroying bad users channels marshmallows chocolate bars candy canes lollipops candy apples VGCP goanimate youtube etc


Robbing bad users nothing sugary destroying good users channels UTTP vegitable flash baby shows villians MTGD, etc


Donut X the goanimate king scootaloo skyler hawkins kylie goerz splendid cuddles toothy handy petunia flippy VGCP flaky lumpy nathandesignerboy7 etc


Lifty Shifty

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