This video, involving a fictional character or more as the troublemaker(s), has been created for entertainment purposes only. 

Oil Can Harry Misbehaves at Burger King is a grounded video by Sarah West. Oil Can Harry doesn't get what he wants at Burger King, so he decides to destroy the restaurant. He got grounded by Mighty Mouse as a result. 


Oil Can Harry: Hey, Princess Peach.

Princess Peach: What is it, Oil Can Harry?

Oil Can Harry: Can we go to Burger King?

Princess Peach: No. 

Oil Can Harry: Why not?

Princess Peach: Because we're having roasted peppers for lunch.

Oil Can Harry: But Princess Peach, I'm hungry, so let's go to Burger King! 

Princess Peach: Oil Can Harry, I said no. 

Mario: Princess Peach, I don't have anything to make the roasted peppers! 

Princess Peach: Did you hear that, Harry? Mario said that he doesn't have anything to make the roasted peppers. That means we can go. 

Oil Casn Harry: Yay! 

(At Burger King)

Clerk: Welcome to Burger King. How can I take your order?

Princess Peach: I would like a chicken nugget combo meal with French fries, a large Dr. Pepper, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Oil Can Harry: I want an Angry Whopper combo meal with onion rings, a bottle of water, and a frozen lemonade.

Clerk: I'm sorry to say this, but the frozen lemonade is a limited edition item, and it's only served during the summertime.  

Oil Can Harry: What? Is this a joke or something? 

Clerk: Don't feel bad. How about a Coke instead?

Oil Can Harry: Why? 

Princess Peach: Because, Harry, the frozen lemonade is a limited edition item. Why don't you get a Coke instead? 


Princess Peach: Oil Can Harry, stop acting like a spoiled brat. You can either get a Coke, or you'll have nothing at all.

Oil Can Harry: How about this, Peach? I'll destroy this place with a sledgehammer! 

Princess Peach: Don't you even dare, because you'll be grounded if you do something like that. 

Oil Can Harry: Too bad! I'm gonna destroy this place anyway! 

(Oil Can Harry picks up a sledgehammer and destroys Burger King)

Princess Peach: Oil Can Harry! How dare you destroy Burger King! That's it! We're going home! 

(At home) 

Mighty Mouse: Oil Can Harry, you should be ashamed of yourself for destroying Burger King. That's it! You won't be watching TV, playing video games, going on the computer, listen to music, kidnapping other victims, or going outside because you will be grounded. Now go to your room.