PBS P-Head (Jaari989 Series)
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Noggin (Jaari989 version) (sometimes enemy)

Cartoon Network (Jaari989 version) (sometimes enemy)

Nickelodeon (Jaari989 version)

Nick Jr. (Jaari989 version)

Boomerang (Jaari989 version) (sometimes enemy)

Comedy Central (Jaari989 version)

NBC (Jaari989 version)



The Stick People (Jaari989 version)

First appearance

"PBS Shoots StickBoy With a Gun"

Last appearance

"PBS and Stickboy (pilot)"

The PBS P Head from the Jaari989 series is the main protagonist of the series. He first appeared on the pilot episode PBS Shoots StickBoy With A Gun. He always appears in the PBS vs Stickboy Series. He always trys to fight Stickboy. But Stickboy always win.
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