Born September 8, 99995 B.c in San Mateo, California

Pork Chop Guy is a character from the Comedy World TV series. He is Eric's older brother.


He is clever and intelligent, and loves Eric, his younger brother. Sometimes he can be a bit grumpy to him. Usually, he is sarcastic and considers breaking the fourth  wall.  



PC Guy in real life

  • He runs away from home in the episode "Hermit PC Guy".
  • He is 2 years older than Eric.
  • He is 13 years old and he's able to drive a vehicle.
  • The origin of PC Guy came from John Hodgman from "Get a Mac" ad campaign by Apple Inc.
  • He also has a quite abnormal face.
  • He also voiced by TigerMario2002. like Eric. 
    Pc Guy Crazying
  • In "Comedy World Fever", he woke woke up with amblyopic eyes.