Blue as a human form from pyb

Blue in true form(revised)

Yellow as a human form from pyb

Yellow in true form (revised)

Pink as a human form from pyb

Pink in true form

Blue, Pink, and Yellow are 3 troublemakers. they wears outfits that match their hair, eye color. They have lighter skin. they look like my little pony characters. They may also appears as a Pegasus. later they all have black hair and black eyes. They're so strong but hardly to get killed and beaten!
Blue,yellow, pink

Blue(left), Yellow(center), pink(right) in their chibi form

Name: blue, pink, yellow

Gender: Unknown (looks male)

Grade: All

School: All

Nationality: Unknown

Birthdate: 2013-2014(they were awakened on 12th day of Chanting Moon/Lunar Calendar)

Zodiac Sign: All

Pink, yellow, blue in human forms

Human forms.

Age: Eternal but they were 364 days old.

Blue, yellow, pink new outfits

Blue, yellow, pink in their new outfit


Blue, Yellow, Pink

Height: About child size(same height as yummy but soon, their height was switched to same size as a comedy world characters but switched back to child size when they're in kindergarten and pre-k school )

Birthplace: Falling Star dreamland

Favorite TV shows: my little pony, equestria girls,Ed Edd n Eddy

Favorite food:Takis Fruits and vegetables (addicted)

Favorite drink:Water(addicted)


Magenta Purple


Mindy(pink's girlfriend)

Tara(blue's girlfriend)

Angelina(Yellow's girlfriend)

Bio: the bubbles is Pegasus/ponylike humanoid creature (but later they were turned into dragons) that come from the sky landing on north pole with magenta and purple. they're troublemakers. soon, they now have a mouth and human ears.

Girl & Boy Voices:

Pink's voice: Kalya/Joey/brian

Yellow's voice: Shy Girl/zack/brian

Blue's voice: Tween Girl/eric/brian


Pink and yellow have same hair and outfit

The bubbles have childlike/girlish features

Pink's hair was brighter than magenta's

In their 2nd look, pink and yellow wore the same shirt as blue.

The bubbles have ability to teleport, turn themselves into lil peepz forms, stick figures forms, turn everything, use body temperature control that keep themselves warm/cool,they will use light by using their star on their forehead for dark, fly and glide, other magic powers. in true forms they turn their eyes into same color as their eyes and start to glow when it's dark, teleport, turn themselves into lil peepz forms,use body temperature control that keep themselves warm/cool.

the Bubbles have similar personality as cutie mark crusaders from my little pony

They're all are chubby bt soon, they become thin.

They still can go to school. PYB does not age. they are immortal

The bubbles turns into goo when they gets killed, beat up, other harmful things by other troublemakers and etc sometimes

They get angry and start to shoot magic matching their color at them when anyone make fun of them

PYB's normal was kayla, tween girl, shy girl but soon changed to david, zack, eric. their voice turned into brian.

Their blood color was same color as them.

PYB take turns to beat someone up and bad things.

Pyb often fight over something and argue with each other.

As a humans. they have same color tips on theirs fingers and toes.

PYB don't eat all of food nor drink drinks except fruits and vegetables, water, .

Blue is only character without it's hat.

PYB is immune to gunsweapons and . there was no way to shoot them. they can be killed with magic wand and something.

As true forms. they don't have stars and ears anymore.

Yellow will cry easily when bad things happened.

PYB's life span was 10,000 years. they live very long time. it takes too long for them to die.

Pyb's health was 50,000 and their strength, defence, speed, attack, other states was very high.

PYB's level was 241

Pyb was very stronger and faster, or powerful than Monsters.

Yellow's power was electricity and thunder

Blue's power was water and ice

Pink's power was Light and heal

They helps bad users and troublemakers to beat good users

PYB can be weaken if anyone give them unnessary food.

They will respawn about 2-5 days.

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