Llewellen William "PainlessPentagram" Higginson-Ford is an Australian former GoAnimate user


Llewellen in his pony form


Llewellen's GoAnimate page was created on April 5, 2013. Due to the lack of interest. His first video wasn't created until December 12, 2013.

He started to warn people to not make videos of baby shows which got him hated by some users however he later apologized to the users out there.

He got GoPlus on Jan 4, 2014.

He later created videos in the series called PAINLESSPENTAGRAM

He is friends with Kaleb Dawes (☣PainlessSniper☣) and other good users & non-siders on GoAnimate.

He later left due to consent terms of use violations and lack of interest. It is unknown if he will create more videos soon.


Llewellen's current look on GoAnimate

Previous looks

Llewellen's previous looks on GoAnimate


The user introduced a series of Random videos called PAINLESSPENTAGRAM.

Season One and Season Two were series of random videos created by Llewellen,

Llewellen planned Two future series: Season 3, A series that is different from the rest and focused on an actual plot rather than random videos. and Flash Season: A series starring the characters from Previous seasons in a series of videos made with Flash rather than GoAnimate.

Due to the content of Season 3 violating the GoAnimate Terms of use it was later cancelled.


Zainny impersonated himself as this user before revealing himself in one video.

Some Calebcomedian fans dislike him because he doesn't like Calebcomedian due to his bodycount. (F**kin' Retards.)

He is a friend to Jeff Dampsy

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