Paul's Halloween Special is the 12th episode of the Go!Animate series The Paul Show. It involves Paul, Brian 2 and Dawn playing pranks on Halloween. The original version was published on October 14, 2012 by PetterBolos12. The SquadHater2002/SquadHater2002isBACK version was published on May 2, 2014.



Paul (dressed as a Troll Face) is at his house with Brian 2 (dressed as Pacman) and Dawn (dressed as the Annoying Orange). Brian 2 decides to troll people. Later, some people walk down to Paul's house and start asking why they trolled them, but Paul pulls a prank by throwing a Christmas teddy bear at them, causing them to rush to the bear, which triggers an explosion killing everyone except for Paul, Brian 2 and Dawn. Paul's parents, Diesel and Kimberly, tell Paul, Brian 2 and Dawn to go to Paul's room, and prevent them from trolling people. In Paul's room, Brian 2 decides to play more mischievious random tricks. Paul uses fake s#!t on PC Guy (dressed as the same clown that he did in Go!Animate: The Movie), disgusting him. Brian 2 has McFadden scare another kid dressed as a pirate, and Dawn uses the Exorcist on a kid dressed as a Smurf. Kimberly and Diesel come back and tell Paul that he is now grounded, and they send Brian 2 and Dawn home.


Paul - Himself

Dallas - Brian 2

Eric - Dawn, Pirate-costume teen and the kid wearing a blue shirt

Brian - Baxter and PC Guy

Jennifer - Kid dressed as a Smurf

Linda Blair - Regan (The Exorcist)

Kimberly - Herself (Paul's mother)

Diesel - Himself (Paul's father)

French-Fry - Time Card Narrator


  • Brian 2 is another character seperate from Brian 1, a character made by tylertristar (tylersgoanimatevault on YouTube).
  • For a strange reason, PetterBolos12's version of the video had uncensored swear words.
  • Paul is a character made by ThomasTheBlueWiggle.
  • Brian 2 and Dawn got grounded, but it is never shown in the video.
  • The SquadHater2002 version is closed-captioned.


You can watch the episode here:

PetterBolos12 version:

SquadHater2002/SquadHater2002isBACK version:

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