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Paul grounding Gianna for good.

Paul Johnson is Adrianna's father who used to get in trouble a lot. But he lives in Illinois. He no longer grounds Adrianna. Only Gianna and Adrian.
Paul Johnson

This is how ugly he appears


Name: Paul Henry Thomas Johnson

Born: January 17, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan

Age: 43

Voice: Paul

Paul Johnson getting grounded.


In CocaColaComedian1999's videos, Paul Johnson is still one of the biggest troublemakers of all time when he grounded Adrianna. He killed Chucky Brock (born 1996; but not actually dead), Clarence Brock's (born 2000) older brother. Paul Johnson also got the VHS of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron from 2003, and Adrianna takes that VHS away.


  • "That is it! I will throw beer at all three of you!"
  • "Get your face away from me you mean and strict Fat Edward!"

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