Pikachufan2012 is a goanimator and a youtuber.  He watched the 1 goanimate video in june 2013 when he was watching jimmy neutron end combo logos.  On July 29, 2013, after watching that video again,  he started watching goanimate videos on a full time basis.  On August 15, 2013, after 2 weeks of watching goanimate videos.  he started to use the goanimate website.  this was the first website he joined.  He made a ton of grounded videos in 2014.   On August 17, 2014, his goplus plan expired and he left goanimate for a bit.  until returning in september 10, 2014 using the stick figure theme.  On October 13, 2014, the voiceforge voices had an problem, resulting in pikachufan2012 dropping the amount of new goanimate videos.  On November 8, 2014, he returned (sort of) to making goanimate videos.  On November 22, 2014, the videos dropped again.  On January 15, 2015, the goplus plan got removed.  on January 28, 2015,  Pikachufan2012 announced that he will retire on November 25, 2015. On August 10, 2015,  due to the termination of his old youtube account, Pikachufan2012 returned to making goanimate videos full time,  and he has since done new grounded series like Doug, roderick, Zion, Brock, Nickels, Mason, Bryon,  Clyde, Tamar, And Craig series.  Due to this, he decided to post pone his retirement until November 2016.  however, On October 19, 2015, GoAnimate announced that they will be removing the stick figure theme along with all of the other themes On January 4, 2016. On that day, the themes were still there, thus pikachufan2012 kept his retirement to november 2016. However, The Next Day, The Themes Were Gone, Thus Pikachufan2012 proceeded with his retirement.  He had a plan to return to goanimate on january 7, but that went down the drain.  On March 17, 2016,  he returned to goanimate (Temporaily) to finish off making the grounded series.  On September 12, 2016, he made his final grounded video called wesley gets sent away (Series Finale).  The next day, on september 13,  pikachufan2012 announced his retirement from goanimate. On September 13, 2017, 1 year after his retirement from goanimate, he announced that he would be returning to goanimate In January 2018 to make more grounded videos.