that's his look for today

polterpup622 is a user who make's plush videos, goanimate videos, ect.

voice: joey, kidaroo(when he's angry), diesel (it was prior to his winter form).

  • friends: supermarnies, ws4000video, banjo videos, met4179fx, reinaldo vega, jake dimaggio, jacob lobner, ed edd n eddy, & polterpup.
  • enemies: warren cook, dorothy slawik, liam cook, macusoper, laura wolpern, luke gartrell, officer wagon, & wicket lucas.
  • likes: videos, kirby, mlp fim, mario, polterpups, tom & jerry, angry birds, ed edd n eddy, pacman, & eric gets ungrounded videos.
  • dislikes: wicket lucas, luke gartrell, dora the explorer, caillou, barney, & eric gets grounded videos.


  • his orginal name is lilbuddy622
  • he got a playststion for christmas with pac man world because it's to celebrate the 20th anversery of the playstation
  • he did some gamplay videos
  • the reason he is called polterpup622 is because 6-22 is his birthday

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