PoopyGuy Bobby Beats Up Larry And Gets Grounded02:45

PoopyGuy Bobby Beats Up Larry And Gets Grounded

NOTE: This is about former bad user Bobbyispoopy

Screenshot (18)

Bobbyispoopy as he appears in the video.

PoopyGuy Bobby Beats Up Larry And Gets Grounded is a grounded video created on January 1st, 2014.


The video starts out with Bobby saying he is going to beat up Larry the Cucumber because he's stupid, and he agrees with Doratheexplorerrules. He walks out of the elevator. Larry the Cucumber is happy because his Silly Songs are no longer cancelled. He is about to make a new one, but is interrupted when Bobby starts beating up Larry. Then Bobby is about to hit Larry with AGK's keyboard, but AGK beats up Bobby, and AGK said he is going to tell Bobby's parents. At Bobby's house, he is grounded forever and he has to take a bath. After the bath, he is forced to wear pants. Bobby poops his pants, causing him to get wiped and in pajamas. Then Bobby is forced to sleep, and the video ends.


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