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Psychris in Business Friendly in the Movie 2017-0
Psychris is ready to Fight-0
Psychris strikes his first Shockwave ball at Peacina
Psychris hidden in the Shadows near the tree-0
Psychris meets The Apocalypse king in the Phantom projector zone
Psychirs's Warning to the Apocalypse King-0
Psychris in London 2015 after he Traveled from the Portal-0
Psychris shows up on Buckingham palace guards-0
Psychris attacks a royal guard in the Enterance-0
Psychris confronting Penny at Buckingham palace-0
Psychris as Tyler Christopher plays Laser's quest with Sherman and Penny-0
Tyler and Sherman and Penny watching the Blue sky and Clouds
Tyler dancing along with Penny and Sherman at the Dance party
Psychris gives Sherman a message
Well well well, Look who's made it here on time-0
Psychris controls spikes on Sherman
Psychris's Evilly Grin-0

Psychris (also known as The Sinister) is the main antagonist of Dreamworks' 2017 film, Mr. Peabody & Sherman 2.


Psychris's Rage-0
Psychris's Breakdown
Psychris yells at Sherman by pointing his Finger-0
Psychris is about to Kill and Murder Sherman with 2 Largest Shockwave balls
Psychris's Death
Psychris's Death-0
Tyler Christopher form
Psychris the Sinister Full body

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