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Pterano as he appears in a screenshot from Chomper 007: Firestorm from left to right: Ruby, Grandpa Longneck, and Grandma Longneck.

"You cannot just say foul language!"

-Pterano, Rinkus and Sierra Uses Coarse Language in Class

Pterano is a former villian that isn't as bad as Rinkus and Sierra. He decided to not like what they do and now he is good.


He is another version of Red Hoodie Guy but except in his old look he had a blue jewel on his ear while his current look doesn't.

Uncle Pterano

His actual appearance.

Movie Appearance:


The Land Before Time 7: The Stone of Cold Fire ( debut )


Chomper 007: Firestorm ( 1994 film ) ( debut )

Hyp's Really Big Movie ( 1995 film )

Cracktastic: The Movie ( 1994 ) ( non-speaking cameo )

MTBA ( More to be added )

More info:

Name: Pterano

Age: Unknown but he is probably around 23 or 24 being an uncle


Mama Flyer ( Sister )

Petrie ( Nephew )

Zeta ( Niece )

John ( Nephew )

Voice: Very often in speech bubbles in GoAnimate

Likes: When good things happen

Dislikes: When unlucky things happen to his sister, bad things



  1. He is very familiar to Leila as Leila turned good in 2016.