The term "Real not fake" is a term used in Warren Cook's fake VHS openings, meaning that "the fake VHS openings are real", despite it's Fake, Not Real.

Start of the term

When the first account TheCookWarren started, the very first fake VHS opening by Warren Cook is made, and on the end of the title of every fake VHS opening made by Warren Cook, the "REAL NOT FAKE", "REAL", or something similar, appears, together with the name of a movie not made by Disney (or a Disney movie, without the Disney name) and the wrong year (e.g. in the Warren Cook universe, Finding Nemo was released in 1984 unfortunately it was released in 2003). Usually, the movie was said released earlier than the actual year released.

Look of a fake VHS opening

Mostly, on all VHS openings (both real and fake) there is an FBI warning, and the important message about copying, public performance being forbidden and "Licensed for home use only." or similar, is appeared. Some VHS openings also have a special message, saying that the duplication of a whole videocassette, or even a part of it is prohibited. Then, at the non-Disney movie, the Walt Disney Home Video logo (Neon Mickey or Black Diamond logo) appears, and then starts the movie.

On Disney movies

Fake VHS openings that contain a name of a Disney movie in its title on YouTube contain everything same (some contain a "duplication is prohibited" message or similar) appears in a different look. Then, the 20th Century Fox logo appears instead of the Walt Disney Home Video logo.

Actual VHS opening

One video named Opening to Toy Story 1996 VHS (REAL, NOT FAKE!) is actually real. He copied one of the videos and published it to Youtube publicaly. Still, he uses the same FBI warning instead of the Walt Disney Home Video logo.


  • The creator of fake VHS openings, Warren Cook, in some ungrounded videos out of him, gets an A in a "Disney film test", and he's smart, but the teacher writes and says "YOU ARE NEVER THE WORST STUDENT EVER." in a Green font.
  • Warren Cook also saw the word "Fake" wrong, and that he sees "Real".
  • Another person wrote REal nor fake was named DAvid Comare.
  • Other characters (e.g. Non baby show characters) have made fake VHS openings or helped out Warren Cook, too. Dora made her own fake VHS openings and in one grounded episode, Slippy V helped out Warren Cook. However, they get grounded for helping someone making fake VHS openings.