the rebel army is a group in metal slug 

How can you explain this
How can you explain this?

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Rebel Army


  1. Donald Modern(was the leader until he joined the The Element Humanoids)
  2. Allen O'Neil(was one of the commanders until he joined the The Element Humanoids)
  3. Allen O'Neil Jr.(was the drill sergeant until he joined the The Element Humanoids)
  4. Abigail(current leader)
  5. Beatriz(Co leader)
  6. Navy(Head of the research)
  7. Vita(the rebel army's scout)
  8. Nova(Vita's clone and current commander)
  9. Victor
  10. Destrade(the current drill sergeant)
  11. Rapid(supply unit)
  12. Huracan


the rebel army does not really have allies currently


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